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The Locally Grown project focuses on giving back to the community, by the community. We have teamed up with local artist and creatives who have found great success in doing what they love to curate special capsules that embodies their areas of expertise in ways that bring awareness to the matters that are important to them while giving back.


       Bam Martin.


Brian “BAM” Martin is a professional Dancer & Choreographer from Chino, California. He started his journey through dance back in his High school years, where he trained at a local studio here in the I.E. After graduating high school, he went on to fulfill his family’s dream of going to college, studying hard, and finishing school to become a successful doctor or nurse. However, he knew what his passion was, and what moves he had to make in order to fulfill his own dreams. 



BAM has gone on to be a finalist on MTV’s Americas Best Dance Crew with his former crew Mos Wanted Crew, as well as NBC’s World Of Dance with his current crew - The Kinjaz. Over the last decade, he has traveled the world to perform on all types of stages, and has taught workshops all across the globe. 


 “I told my parents I would take a break from school and pursue this dance thing...They told me as long as I showed them it could take me somewhere, then it was they had my support. Fourteen years, two TV shows, and 35 countries later...I’m still on that break, chasing and living that dream.” -BAM



 “This collaboration came about organically over the past 11 years. We built a friendship through our commonality in the pursuit to create a self sufficient life & future from our passions. We’ve had ideas of creating many different things together, but before diving into anything else, we felt it was important to do something to give back to the community. With the uprise in hate crimes against the AAPI communities around us, we decided to create a capsule to bring awareness while giving back. All the profits from the capsule will be donated to the Stop AAPI Hate community fund. Help us rise together by any means.”



“In designing the graphic, we wanted to give the pieces a more positive message as its purpose is to bring awareness towards the #stopasianhate movement. We chose to use the simple yet bold words from one of James Brown’s vinyl albums as a way to connect with people from all walks of life. Inside of the cap, we placed a special tag, as a symbol to keep in mind the intention of this capsule; which is to show support for our community during AAPI heritage month, and beyond.”


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